Septic Inspections
Best Septic has trained certified septic system inspectors who will inspect your system as a routine maintenance call during your regular pumping intervals. We also provide septic inspections for real estate transactions. We can let you the buyer or seller know the condition of the tank and system at the location you are thinking of purchasing or selling. We provide written detailed septic reports and pictures in some cases, if needed. We also do troubleshooting on failing or troubled systems.

Best septic has different levels of inspections. You the home-owner might want just a visual inspection of your tank condition and inlet and outlet baffles. This can be done at the time that we pump your septic system, during a regular maintenance pumping. We also provide more extensive septic inspections using our camera; we can go into the tank, run the camera up the inlet pipe to see if you have any break down in your pipes, build up or damming going on from the house to the tank. We also run the camera out the outlet baffle and down the pipe to the pump station and distribution box to make sure pipes are clear, there are no worms and that your D-box cover is good and not caved in and the box is still level.

We also make sure that the ground is not caved in and there is no root invasion or ponding. If the Distribution box is in question we can then run our camera down to check each leg of your leach field. This will show us if you have any break down, dropping, build up, damming, or root invasion in your leach field.

If you are experiencing trouble in your system, such as septic backing up into your house, slow draining, septic smell or ponding at your leach field we can send an inspector out to troubleshoot your system and find out what the problem is and pin point the exact location of the problem. Saving you time and money.

System Repairs
Best septic can repair any and all parts of your septic system. Our techs will come over and troubleshoot your system, find the problem and we will give you a written estimate on what the cost to repair or replace the problem area. If you have a crushed or broken pipe we can repair or replace it. We can repair or replace parts of your leach field depending on the extent of what the problem is. If you have root invasion in your pipes we can repair that problem either using our jetter with its cutting tip, which will cut the roots off at the surface of the pipes or we can put our special root killing formula down the pipe to kill and remove the roots over time.

If your tank is cracked our trained techs can patch and repair it saving you time and money or when needed we can replace the tank.