Septic Services

Septic Management
Do you own a second home? Rental? Property? Trailer park? Motel's? Commercial property? If so we can help you manage your septic systems and filters!. We can keep track of locations, size and everything you need to know about your tank and systems. If you have any issues to save you time and money, we can jett, camera, thaw your pipes and cut down on the length of service because we will already know where your system and pipes are. All you need will to do is call us if there is a problem and we will take care of it! No Hustle!

Septic Pumping
Proper care and maintenance of your septic system will help your system function better and last longer. A family of 3 or more should have their septic tank pumped ATLEAST every 3 years and your baffles inspected to ensure that you get the longest life possible out of your septic system. Best Septic offers septic tank pumping for residential or commercial properties throughout southern Vermont and New Hampshire. Whether it is a scheduled septic pumping or an emergency Best Septic has trained techs ready to give you fast, friendly courteous, affordable service 24/7.

Back in the day the rule of thumb was if you have a dry well then you would never have to pump your tank. In this day in age that rule no longer applies. Dry wells are not used anymore, because the new style systems are designed for leach fields to leach a lot cleaner. The dry well was used for the soaps, detergents and chemicals from your home, now the chemicals are run through the tank, the soaps kill the bacteria that is needed to level the tank, with that bacteria being killed is causes rot and send it to the leach field.

Best Septic can set you up on a septic maintenance schedule so your mind will be at ease! We will schedule you out so once a year our techs stop by for a minimal fee, clean your effluent filter and check your tank levels and we will put you on a regular pumping schedule every 3-5 years depending on your system and size of your family.

From the digging up of the cover to cleaning your filter or pumping your tank and inspecting your baffles to troubleshooting and repairing a failed system, Best Septic will do it all. We take pride in being your one stop shop!

Best Septic provides services to commercial businesses, residences, apartment complexes, trailer parks, hospitals, and restaurants.

Filter Cleaning

We recommend that you clean your septic tank outlet filter annually. Cleaning your septic tank filter will help keep your system running efficiently and will cut down on the chances of any problems arising in the tank itself. From the time you flush your toilet the waste begins to go through a biological process which starts in your septic tank. The effluent goes out of the house and into your septic tank inlet baffle where it then separates into layers and begins the process of decomposition. The naturally present bacteria that are in your septic system then begins to digest the solids that settle to the bottom of your septic tank. These solids are then transformed into liquids and gases. Once the liquids have risen to the outlet pipe level, they go into the next part of the septic treatment phase, distribution box, pump chamber, etc. Once it goes through this phase it enters the final treatment phase of the cycle and the effluent enters the soil and an additional microbial breakdown happens transforming the waste into the "clean" water which goes back into the ground recharging the aquifers.

Having your filter cleaned annually helps this entire process in several ways. One is to ensure that the separation of effluents and solids happens without interruption, thus making your system work continuously and most effectively. The other part of this is, having your septic system filter cleaned annually allows our technicians to inspect your inlet baffles and outlet baffles as well as the general condition of your tank. This gives us the opportunity to warn you of any trouble signs we may see or to unclog a clogged or clogging inlet/outlet baffle.

There are several septic systems with different types of filters. We service all of them. Whether you have a basic septic tank effluent filter or an advanced treatment system with a sand filter, textile filter, biofilter, peat moss systems, or pump chambers and mound systems we do it all.

If you do not maintain your septic tank and filters on a regular annual schedule you are in danger of running into a variety of problems from the simplest septic functionality issues to the more serious health hazardous problems. By maintaining an annual cleaning and visual inspection you ensure that your septic system should require no expensive repairs or replacements.

Here at Best Septic we can set you up with a maintenance plan that is right for your type of septic system but is also right for your budget and family size.

Tank Locating

Don't know where your septic tank is located? Best Septic has a locator. We flush our locator bullet down your toilet and our technician takes the wand and finds the exact location of the septic tank for you. Very fast and accurate. Saves a lot of time digging around to find the cover to the tank thus saving you money.

Camera Service
Because you cannot predict when you might have problems with your septic system Best septic offers a 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency service. When you need to know what the problem is and the exact location of the problem Best Septic offers our camera service for all your septic system problems.

Whether you are a home or business owner Best Septic will send our trained technicians out to provide a camera service to locate the exact problem. We can save you a lot of time, money and digging by running our camera down your pipes or your septic system to find the trouble spot and pinpoint the exact location with our cameras locating device. Our camera can show us exactly what the problem in your septic is, from a broken or dropped, crushed, bent pipe, to old tar paper pipe that is breaking down and no longer functional, to tree root invasion, frozen pipe or just a clog. The locator will pinpoint the location of the trouble spot exactly, so we can send our jetter down to unclog the pipe or cut the roots off or if needed we can dig up only the area needed for repairing or replacing the trouble location.

What does this mean for you the home-owner? Less money spent on excavation work, less money for labor to find the trouble zone and less time without your septic system functioning properly. We also provide complete camera work for inspecting septic systems for real estate sales or just for your piece of mind. Our techs will come out and run the camera through your tank, checking the physical condition of the tank itself and checking the inlet and outlet baffles. We can also send the camera down the outlet baffle to check the outlet pipe all the way to your D-Box. From the D-Box we can run our camera down each leg of your system to inspect the condition of the inside of each pipe or find trouble spots.

Our camera has saved a lot of money for septic system owners in the past and saved us a lot of man-hours. For your free price quote on our camera service please give our office a call. For your convenience as part of our camera service we provide you with a detailed and written inspection letter. These letters are what you would need not only for your records but to submit to your bank or real estate agent when you are financing a house/business or buying/selling a home or business.


Best septic provides a jetter service for all your clogs, backed up systems, frozen pipes, root invasion, etc. Our trained t different head attachments to take care of any drain problem.

We have a head that will not only clean your pipe to like new condition but will also cut off any roots that may be invading your pipe, it actually cuts them off right at the wall of the pipe leaving a clean, smooth surface in the pipe for better drainage. We also have a head specifically for frozen pipes, this will cut through the ice, alleviating the chance for pipes to expand and burst.

So, if you have any drainage problems, from the simplest slow drain to a major freeze problem call Best Septic!


If it doesn't flush call us! Best Septic. For the toughest of clogs or just slow drainage out of your house, Best Septic has a snake that can unclog the toughest of clogs. We can snake up to a hundred feet of clogged pipe. Anything our snake can't clean out we can use our Jetter.

Grease Traps

Best Septic will come clean out any size grease trap. Our trained technicians will go above and beyond to make the least mess possible. Our techs will wipe off the hoses and their feet before entering your kitchen area. We have tarps specifically for laying down on the floors when needed to catch any and all messes and droppings from the traps. It is our goal to leave you with the least mess possible and the cleanest grease traps!