Septic Services and Management

We provide a wide range of management and septic services. If you own a home, rental property, or commercial property, you may have a septic system to manage. The last thing that anyone wants is an emergency with their septic system. That is where we can assist. We can keep track of the locations, and size of your tank. We document everything you need to know about your tank and systems for any future maintenance calls.

From system inspections and filter changes to jetting and camera location services. If there is a problem we’re just a call away.

Man using hose to clean septic tank.

Septic Pumping

Proper care and maintenance of your septic system will help your system function better and last longer. Find out how we can help you get years and years out of your system.

A tool using to clean out a pipe

Filter Cleaning

Cleaning your septic tank filter will help keep your system running efficiently and will cut down on the chances of any problems arising in the tank itself.

Two pots boiling on a burner

Grease Traps

Grease traps are important for keeping fats, oil, and grease from food production from entering the sewer line with wastewater. If the grease and oil are allowed to accumulate, it can clog the grease trap and cause a backup. Let us keep it clean.

Septic Truck with long hose attached to the back.


For the toughest of clogs or just slow drainage out of your house, Best Septic has a snake that can unclog the toughest of clogs.

A hose shooting water out into a pipe to clean it out.


Best septic provides a jetter service for all your tough clogs. Whether it’s backed up systems, frozen pipes, root invasion, or more, our trained technicians can take care of any drain problem.

Dirt at a construction site exposing pipes


Best Septic has trained certified septic system inspectors. We provide septic inspections for any real estate transaction, commercial, or residential. Our goal is to make sure your system is always working as it was designed.

Septic tank cover exposed on the ground.

Tank Location

Don’t know where your septic tank is?  If you’re not the original owner of your home and it’s time to pump your septic tank, you might find yourself in a quandary. Not to worry, Best Septic has a tank locator.

A man holding a tube used for Camera services

Camera Service

Septic problems can be completely unpredictable. Identifying what the problem is and where it is, can be a challenge. Our camera service makes it easy to locate any septic system problem. Whether a home or business our trained technicians can provide a clear view of the exact problem.

What do some past customers have to say?

Best Septic is the the best in it’s trade here in Southern VT. Fast, fun and friendly! Great Service…

Mark Hayes

Septic problems are no fun. We know.
Let us eliminate the emergency.